An emotive TV Commercial from American Greetings for Mother’s Day

The TV Commercial from American Greetings to celebrate Mother’s Day tells a nice story using one of their greeting cards.

Last May 7 was Mother’s Day and many brands have dedicated a moment to congratulate all the mothers of the world. And we love the TV Commercial from of American Greetings, the company of postcards and loyalty cards.

The TV Commercial from American Greetings tells us an emotive story with one of their greeting cards and makes us reflect how important mothers are in our life and how any insignificant detail can be worth much for us.

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TOP 5: Best Motivational TV advertisements

Best Motivational TV advertisements

Motivational stories to sell. We make a top 5 of the most motivational TV Advertisements that they are going to thrill you.

Most of the motivationals TV advertisements are made when a big sports events comes like the Olympic games or Football World Cup. Making an inspiration advertising campaign it’s not easy but it gets a double effect if works well. You sell your product and the customers are identified with your brand. Win-Win.

These are our top 5 of the best motivational TV advertisements!


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‘Hamburguers, not Boobs’ is the last TV Commercial from Carl’s Jr. to clean his image

The last TV Commercial from Carl’s Jr.’s cleanse his image after his controversial campaigns introducing Carl Hardee Sr. in ‘Hamburgers, not Boobs’.

The fast-food company Carl’s Jr. has been conducting controversial advertising campaigns for some time. From sexist ads released on SuperBowl to the latter in which to announce their latest hamburger showed girls in bikini playing volleyball on the border between Mexico and the United States.

The TV Commercial, described as sexist and racist, forced the company to come out with a statement apologizing: “It is simply a fast food ad, if a relationship was made between the ad and the policy, it simply was not our intention”.

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An emotional TV Commercial from El Corte Inglés for celebrate Father’s Day: ‘Drill’

El Corte Inglés celebrate Father’s day with an emotive TV Commercial bewteen a son and his father.

The last TV Commercial from El Corte Inglés celebrates father’s day with a tender history between a son and his father that becames viral due to its sentimental and emotional scenes.

‘Drill’ is the title of the TV Commercial from El Corte Inglés directed by Gracia Querejeta they tell us an intimate story full of emotions in a minute.

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