Graphic Design in the 80s: VHS Video Cassettes

Diseño Gráfico cintas VHS años 80

We love the graphic design in the 80s and we want to remember the VHS Video Cassettes design.

The passage of time is one of the great enemies of graphic design. What may now appear to us current, fresh and innovative may be after a little or a long time something awful. The passage of time applied to the design usually has the same pattern: At first it surprise us, then we get used to it, we do not look at it, when we remember it seems to us out of place, after a short time we see that what impacted on your day today could not be accepted and, in the end, we look back with nostalgia to remember a time that will never return.

Something like this has happened with all the design that was created in the 80’s. Today it is getting redone with current techniques but keeping the essence of what it once was. We find a fantastic gallery of VHS Cassettes design from brands like Polaroid, Memorex, Sony, Agfa, Scotch in which we can see the style and graphic trends of the 80s.

Among them are those made for Polaroid by Paul Giambarba in the early 60’s. We leave you with the gallery of images.

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