Burger King burns McDonald’s advertising with this app

Burger King burns McDonald’s advertising with this Augmented Reality campaign.

Burger King and McDonalds continue their advertising war. Well, better said is Burger King who is continually campaigning against McDonald’s. A double-edged strategy, because although it may report visits and repercussions, being continuously watching your rival has its negative points. One that you are giving free publicity, the other is that you base your communication on attacks to the rival and that, in the end, it’s not useless.

That does not mean that consumers benefit from this strategy and advertisers sit down to enjoy their wildest ideas. One of these great ideas has come up in the department of Burger King Brazil: An app with which you can burn the advertising of McDonald’s to take you a free Whooper.

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The controversial The Times Commercial show politicians as animals

The controversial The Times commercial represents English politicians as animals.

The controversy is served in the United Kingdom. The prestigious newspaper The Times has made a controversial spot to criticize English politicians. A commercial where politicians turn into all kinds of animals. Hyenas, snakes, monkeys, crocodiles, rats and a long trail of despicable animals.

The Times commercial reflects the feeling of the country regarding the Brexit controversy. According to John Witherow, The Times editor: “The campaign captures the national mood of confusion and frustration, while at The Times we seek to bring clarity and balance at this crucial moment in British politics.”

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Superhero Parents, a Delta’s viral campaign

Superhero Parents is Delta’s viral campaign to make children believe that their parents are superheroes.

We like this viral campaign from Delta called “Superhero Parents”. They have taken for granted the fact that children believe that their parents are superheroes and have made them believe that it is so.

Delta is a brand of Israeli clothing for children very popular in the Hebrew country. And for their latest advertising campaign they have decided to conduct a viral campaign using the hidden camera. A technique that has given such good results in other viral campaigns such as Spider-man.

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A cover of Nessun Dorma made with orgasms to promote Turandot

Folkoperan, the Swedish opera house has launched this provocative spot to promote Turandot.

We rarely see creative advertising campaigns to promote classical music or opera concerts. And although classical music and opera still have a large number of fans among the people of central Europe (like Salzburg, Vienna, …) young people still do not feel attracted to this type of music.

That’s why we loved this Folkoperan advertising campaign to promote Turandot. And is that the house of Swedish opera wanted to announce his work in a provocative and controversial way … versioning Nessun Dorma with orgasms.

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The Gatorade’s advertising with a spectacular figure made of water drops

For the last Gatorade’s advertising they have made a spectacular animated figure with drops of water and none is made with CGI.

Technology has allowed us to reach unimaginable limits. Distinguishing between the real or the fictitious is a thin line that allows us to carry out works that were unthinkable.

These new techniques of accomplishment also reached the advertising productions. Computer animations, special effects and CGI filled the big productions of the multinationals. That’s why it made us happy to see how ingenuity, creativity and originality are still present in some advertising campaigns.

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Spider-man grabs coffee in a Starbucks

To promote ‘Spider-Man Homecoming’, Sony Pictures and Starbucks have done this fun hidden camera prank in New York.

Spider-man grabs coffee in a Starbucks. The last marketing action of Sony Pictures to promote the Spider-man movie is a prank with hidden camera in New York.

Is there anything more normal than Spider-man grabs coffee at a Starbucks? The superhero of Queens has been willing to scare the customers of this coffee shop in New York.

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Top5: The Best Street Marketing Actions

Best Street Marketing Actions

Advertising outside the conventional medium. In our top’s five… the best street marketing actions.

New terms have been created in the world of advertising and marketing thanks to globalization. Terms related to actions that become viral around the world bringing the brand to a huge number of consumers that otherwise would be impossible to do.

We talk about Ambient and Street Marketing, advertising actions that consist of carrying out non-conventional marketing strategies, outside the natural environment. In the case of Ambient Marketing, we proceed to transform urban elements to draw attention of the pedestrians. On the other side the Street Marketing interrupts the routine of the place where it is realized and it invites the pedestrians to participate in the same one.

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Viral ad campaign from Heineken for the Champions League: TimeZone

TimeZone is the last viral ad campaign from Heineken for the Champions League for workers who watch the match in the office.

The Heineken advertising campaigns associated with the Champions League every day surprise us more. And it is not easy as they have been carrying out viral marketing campaigns very originals.

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The original Ambient Advertising from Nescafé to know new people: ‘Hello Bench’

‘Hello Bench’ is the new and original ambient advertising from Nescafé in Italy that allow you to meet new people.

We like the new advertising strategy from Nescafé in Italy.

Nos gusta la nueva estrategia publicitaria que Nescafé está desarrollando en Italia. Under the concept of meeting all together to start a conversation through coffee, the brand is creating ambient advertising actions in different areas of Italy like the fantastic #NextdoorHello a campaign in which they helped a community of neighbors to know each other better trough a coffe cup.

Now they want to encourage new encounters between strangers through a cup of Nescafé with ‘Hello Bench’, an original idea to meet new people when you are resting in a bank.

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TOP 5: Best Motivational TV advertisements

Best Motivational TV advertisements

Motivational stories to sell. We make a top 5 of the most motivational TV Advertisements that they are going to thrill you.

Most of the motivationals TV advertisements are made when a big sports events comes like the Olympic games or Football World Cup. Making an inspiration advertising campaign it’s not easy but it gets a double effect if works well. You sell your product and the customers are identified with your brand. Win-Win.

These are our top 5 of the best motivational TV advertisements!


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TOP 5: Most controversial ads in Television

Los cinco anuncios más polémicos

In our top 5 we talk about the more controversial ads in Television.

There are many ads, spots and advertising campaigns that move between an invisible line that makes a genius ad or generate a disproportionate controversy that can remove ads and kills the image of a brand.

We made a top 5 of the most controversial ads in Television in Spain. Some of them are retired in time to avoid brand reputation crises, others are still hanging on the internet. We talk about the top5 more controversial ads in Television.

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A dancing Skeletor in the last Moneysupermarket Epic Ad

A dancing Skeletor boogies to ‘Fame’ in the last Moneysupermarket Epic Ad.

Epic, brilliant, tremendous, spectacular, hilarious or legendary are words that try to define the last Moneysupermarket epic ad.

You need to be very cool to put Skeletor, the arch-enemy of He-Man of Masters of the Universe, dancing in the rhythm of ‘Fama’ down the neighborhood and happy to have saved money in hiring insurance .

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Ford designs a Baby Crib to sleep your children

Ford designs a baby crib that simulates the movement of a car to sleep your children in the case they can’t do it.

Yes, you hear it well. Ford, the company that makes cars, has crated a baby crib that simulates the movement of car to sleep any children. An idea that does not let an attempt to generate viral and repercussion on the internet by the Social Media department of the multinational but we liked it so much that we want to share it with you.

The baby crib name ‘Ford Max Motors Dreams’ has a built-in vibration that simulates the driving of a car. The one that children like so much when they can’t sleep.

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A famous Youtuber have a Car Crash in a awareness campaign

The car crash of a famous Youtuber wants to raise awareness about the use of mobile phones among young people while driving.

Youtubers are those people who started uploading videos about their favorite video-games and ended up making a living by adding all kinds of content to the popular video platform. In marketing, the ‘Youtuber’ phenomenon caught everyone by surprise  and now the brands begin to understand how to get them to make subscribers to the thousands of followers they have on different social networks.

That’s because the followers of the most famous Youtubers have multiplied exponentially and are counted by millions. Many of them make a living thanks to the advertising inserted in their channel and are already considered ‘influencers’ over reputed journalists and professionals from various sectors.

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