The Ten Best Commercials of 2019

A list with the ten best ads of 2019 according to our criteria. The best advertising campaigns and spots that have been released this 2019.

The year ends and we give the folder the first decade of the 21st century. A year full of great advertising campaigns, how could it be otherwise. A year where brands have launched their most vindictive messages and have clearly positioned themselves claiming and championing the various causes worldwide.

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The time has come to take stock of the year. And it’s a good time to review the top ten best commercials of 2019. A totally subjective list and at our discretion, in which large advertising campaigns have been left out. Let’s start with the best commercials of 2019.

10. Mercedes-Benz: “The Journey That Changed Everything”

In April, Mercedes-Benz surprised us all with “The Journey that changed everything”, the true story of Bertha Benz, wife and business partner of Carl Benz, founder of the brand. We see how he made what is considered the first trip of long distance from the world, the one he made driving from Mannheim to Pforzheim in 1888. A commercial that surprised everyone by his staging.

9. New York Times: “The Truth Is Worth It”

“The Truth Is Worth It” surprised everyone by winning the Grand Prix of the Cannes International Advertising Festival, the oscars of advertising. The criticism of the New York Times refers to an era where social networks allow fake news to run freely. A tool that governments do not hesitate to use to manipulate public opinion. The New York Times defends the fact of explaining the truth, making public the work of its journalists and their methods in obtaining the information to write the news.

8. Lakewood Guitars: “Wake Her Soul”

There are times when advertising gives us real gems. This is the case of the emotional commercial of Lakewood guitars. The company created by Martin Seeliger in 1986 is one of the references when we talk about music instruments. Instruments that stand out for their quality, precision and passion when building them. So they wanted to convey it in the ad, entitled “Wake her soul” directed by Christian Schilling.

07. Dove: “#ShowUs Project”

#ShowUs, this is how Dove’s campaign is called to claim the role of ordinary women in advertising aimed at women. And it is that 70% of women do not feel identified with the image that is given of them in advertising. #ShowUs is an initiative that wants to break with beauty stereotypes showing those “real” women and not what others think they should be.

06. Danone: “Respiración Post-Parto”

To reposition the Vital baby food brand, Danone wanted to give his vision about motherhood with “Postpartum Breathing.” In it they seek to give a different view of motherhood from a more realistic point of view.

05. Sprite: “No Estas Solx”

We enter fully into the TOP 5 of the best ads of 2019. “You are not alone” is the Sprite Commercial in favor of the LGTB collective where we see how family and friends of people in the group prepare to attend the Pride March from Buenos Aires. Different everyday situations that close with a powerful message: “Pride: What you feel when someone you want chooses to be happy.”

04. Gillette: “The Best a Man Can Get”

This year has helped many brands change their concept and try to adapt to the new claims. So, with “The best a man can be” Gillette wants to readaptar the slogan she has been using for more than 30 years. The society at that time was far from being the current one and that is why they have adapted the slogan to the times and everything that a man can be today.

03. Nike: “Helden”

That in the advertising agency telling we are passionate about Nike’s advertising campaigns, everyone knows. Last year the Nike “Air” commercial was crowned the best commercial of 2018. This year the American multinational places two ads in the top 3. “Helden” is a campaign that has been launched at the end of the year and has been cast in the third position on their own merits. In Germany, Nike has wanted to direct its campaign to those communities and athletes that go beyond a medal. Find the new heroes and tell their inspiration stories.

02. Nike: “Dream Further”

In second position we have another Nike ad. And this year has been the consecration of women’s football at the eyes of everyone. The World Cup held in Germany served to verify that the brands have turned to female sports marketing. Nike surprised everyone with “Dream Further”, an attractive campaign to boost women’s football. The American multinational marked muscle and, as it did in its day with that fantastic “Airport”, marked a before and after in its brand strategy regarding the sponsorship of women’s football. In three minutes they show us an inspiring, fresh and modern ad that encourages us to leave behind all the classic about this sport and embrace the new modern football, one where women are protagonists.

01. Heineken: “Obrigado”

And we already have here what for the advertising agency telling is the best commercial of 2019. This precious tribute from Heinken to Ayrton Senna with a high symbolic burden. “Obrigado” is the title of the campaign that was launched to promote the Brazilian Grand Prix of Formula 1. The Brazilian pilot figure was inspiring for the Cariocas and encouraged his countrymen to be proud of their country and be united. All of this is represented in Heineken’s ad through the Brazilian flag, which is shown as the axis of disputes and reconciliations. A powerful message that could be perfectly exportable to other countries. Heineken’s commercial is undoubtedly the best commercial of 2019.

So far our special on the best ads of 2019. A list where many shocking campaigns that surely deserved to be on the list have been left out. We look forward to your opinions on this list and if you think we should have incorporated other advertising campaigns. What do you think?.

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