Ten Best Commercials of 2020

Top 10: Ten Best Commercials of 2020

Ten Best Commercials of 2020

We have chosen the ten best commercials of 2020. Discover the best advertising campaigns and adverts that have been released this 2020.

This 2020 has been marked and will be remembered as the year when a global pandemic completely changed our lives. A horrible year where more than a million people have died and more than 60 million have been infected. A year where lives stopped on March and at the end of the year they have not yet finished starting. A year in which brands have used their communication channels to recommend that people stay at home with their #StayHome.

Despite everything, you have to take stock of everything that happened. And in our little world where we talk about advertising and marketing, it’s time to review, analyze and list the best commercials of 2020. Although there are two completely different scenarios (one from January to March, and the rest of the year) creativity and ingenuity have managed to bring out true advertising gems.

As always, at the telling, advertising agency we have been publishing the most relevant news from the world of advertising and marketing. And now it’s time to take stock and, just as we did with the ten best commercials of 2019 and 2018, decide the ten best commercials of 2020. Shall we start?

10. Coca-Cola: “The Letter”

We kicked off our top 10 best commercials of 2020 with a Christmas ad. The ad created by the Wieden + Kennedy London agency for Coca-Cola tells the story of a father for keeping his daughter happy and the hectic journey to deliver his letter to Santa Claus. Shipwrecks, climbing, endless trips and a lot of imagination to reach an emotional ending, which prays under the motto “This Christmas, the best gift is you.” The ad has caused a sensation in the networks, being the Christmas advert most valued by users.

9. Nike: “Mamba Forever”

At the beginning of the year, 2020 would claim one of its first illustrious victims. The death of Kobe Bryant, his daughter and the other components of the wrecked helicopter shook the world of sports. Nike’s tribute to Kobe Bryant is a very effective exercise in minimalism to pay tribute to Kobe. Titled “Mamba Forever,” the ad aired just before his funeral in Los Angeles. In it, the word “Forever” is fixed on the right side of the screen on a black background while sentences referring to Kobe Bryant are constructed. His successes in basketball, his awards, his titles and his role as a father, husband and legend.

8. North Face: “Reset Normal”

North Face’s “Reset Normal” campaign encouraged us to “reset” our lives. With the first wave of the pandemic overcome and facing the second wave, the North Face announcement places us at “the crucial turning point that we are experiencing culturally in 2020.” Depending on the brand, getting past that tipping point can help us jump-start our lives. For this, exploration plays a key role and the brand did not hesitate to support access to exploration: “Exploration can bring people together and change lives.”

7. New York Life: “Love Takes Action”

The Super Bowl was one of the last massive sporting events to take place. It is one of the times of the year and brands prepare their best creatives to launch at half-time. One of the most liked commercials was “Love Takes Action” from the New York Life insurance company. In it we see a representation of the four Greek modalities that represent love in an emotional advertisement that gives goose bumps.

6. Bradesco Saude: “Decades”

Of the many ads that were launched during the pandemic, the one for Bradesco Saúde has captivated us with its simplicity and strength. Titled “Decades”, the Brazilian insurance company did a historical review over different decades to find out what children wanted to be when they grew up. In the 80’s everyone wanted to be a race car driver, in the 90’s basketball players, in the 2000 firefighters and in 2010 athletes.

Those people whom they have admired and inspired have marked a path to follow in order to be someone of benefit in the future. The latest models and heroes have undoubtedly been the health workers, those who have risked their lives every day to fight the Covid19 pandemic.

5. Burger King: “The Moldy Whopper”

And we fully entered the five best commercials of 2020. In fifth position, the Burger King campaign and how it surprised everyone with a controversial marketing campaign. In it, we saw how a hamburger became mold over time through a timelapse that lasted 34 days showing the deterioration of the hamburger. All kinds of criticism, positive and negative, were generated. But the truth is that it is a move that the brand thought carefully.

4. Coca-Cola: “For the Human Race”

In fourth position we find “For the human race”, the advertisement that Coca-Cola launched during the pandemic. Considered the best ad of the brand of the decade, it is in fourth position in our special. And the level of quality of the advertising pieces is very high.

“For the human race” is a hopeful message following the style of that mythical “Reasons to believe” that was launched during the global crisis that began in 2008. An ambitious announcement and aimed at the entire world population. A call to hope in dark moments and to encourage ourselves to continue fighting against Covid19.

3. Bankinter: “El banco que ve el dinero como lo ves tú”

We entered the top3 of our special “the best commercials of 2020”. The third best advertisement of the year is for Bankinter’s “banknote advertisement”. The pandemic stopped our lives and brands had no choice but to adapt, like everyone else. They launched publicity campaigns appealing to everyone’s responsibility and the #StayHome movement is here to stay. But not having access to the possibility of filming, the brands launched very similar advertising campaigns.

The irruption of the Bankinter commercial and its original proposal sparked the sector, which launched itself into more creative proposals. Titled “The bank that sees money as you see it”, it told us a story based on the acts that occur on all the banknotes in the world. One of the announcements of the year, no doubt, but nevertheless, it is in third position on our list.

2. Nike: “You can’t stop us”

There are times when advertising surprises you again, makes you believe again and makes you fall in love again. There are advertising campaigns that mark a before and after and inspire those who see them. That is the art of advertising, to convince you in 30, 60 or 90 seconds and change a bit of yourself.

“You can’t stop us” is Nike’s spectacular commercial with the intention of returning normalcy after the pandemic. The brand launched a message of hope, unity and motivation to stay in shape in this time of confinement and regrowth. But the way he did it went around the world. A montage edited to the millimeter alternating images of amateur athletes and elite professionals. One of the best Nike ads in its history is crowned the second best commercial of 2020. Let’s see the first!

1. Volkswagen: “The Last Mile”

Well yes, Volkswagen’s “The Last Mile” is the best commercial of 2020. There has been a lot of internal debate, but the significance, quality and emotion of Volkswagen’s precious tribute to fire the Beetle is crowned the best ad of the year by the agency of advertising telling.

After more than 80 years of history, Volkswagen has decided to retire its mythical Beetle. Another of the illustrious victims that this 2020 has left us. The commercial is a beautiful and iconic piece of animation where we see the last journey of the Beetle. In it we find Andy Warhol or Kevin Bacon when he played “Footlose”. Also references to the famous advertising campaign “Think Small” with which it landed in the United States by the hand of Doyle Dane Bernbach.

The song from “The Last Mile” is a version -of course- of “Let it Be” by the Beatles, performed by a Chicago choir. A precious tribute to an icon that will never return, and that from the telling advertising agency we bid farewell with honors.

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