The Choice | Anuncio de P&G

“The Choice” is P&G’s commercial to fight racism

The Choice | Anuncio de P&G

P&G targets “silent majority” to eradicate racism with “The Choice”

If there is any brand that cares about skincare regardless of color, that is Procter & Gamble. And after the revolutions that are happening in the United States due to the death of George Floyd, brands are joining the cause. We have seen the minimalist ads by Nike and McDonald’s against the systemic racism experienced by those residents of color in the American country.

These campaigns have been a shock after three months confined by Covid19. Advertising agencies have been able to focus their messages on new causes and somewhat abandon the crisis caused by the pandemic.

“The Choice” is the title of P&G’s ad to fight racism. A campaign carried out by the Gray and Cartwright agencies and which add to the protests for the death of George Floyd. In it, they take the opportunity to ask all Americans to contribute to put an end to racism.

According to Dam Jones, P&G Communications Director: “We hope to inspire the silent majority not only to be allies, but also advocates and activists in the fight for equality. And we are committed to helping them on that journey.” The Choice “is so much a statement as a question, both a challenge and an invitation.”

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