The Sand Ad Volkwsagen

The original Volkswagen advertising campaign: “The Sand Ad”

The Sand Ad Volkwsagen

“The Sand Ad” is Volkswagen’s original advertising campaign to announce the Amarok, the brand’s new 4×4.

The first expression that comes to us when seeing the new Volkswagen campaign is that the Amarok “has left its mark”. And never better said, since the way in which the German brand has publicized its new 4×4 could not be more original.

In Argentina it is summer time and that translates into people enjoying the good weather and cramming the beaches. Two of the busiest cities are Pinamar and Caliró, where they have carried out this action.

I know the peculiarity that these cities have streets built with sand. And to promote the brand’s new 4×4, the Amarok made a simple idea to print more than 100,000 logos daily in the sand of these cities. For this, they carved the rear wheels of the SUV to add the logo of the brand, so it was printed in the sand of the cities and beaches.

According to Tony Waissmann, CCO of the Geometry agency: “These are the jobs that make you proud. ‘The Sand Ad’ is a huge job in terms of simplicity, intelligence and execution. “

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