TOP 10 Commercials of 2018

Top 10 Commercials of 2018

TOP 10 Commercials of 2018

We analyzed what have been the top 10 commercials of 2018. The best advertising campaigns, viral campaigns and commercials that have been released in 2018.

The year 2018 comes to an end and we have seen fantastic advertising campaigns. A complicated year, where the brands claims and the rise of the Fake News have marked the period. The advertising agencies have continued to squeeze their brains to offer us new ways of creativity with which to surprise us. In the telling advertising agency we have already been telling you the latest news from the world of advertising, marketing and communication. We have done it in several ways that we encourage you to follow: El our blogtwitterFacebook and recently our new Instagram under @telling_things user.

But now it’s time to look back and see things with perspective. And it’s a good time to review the top 10 commercials of 2018. The list is totally subjective, so we encourage you to leave your comments of what you think are the best ads of 2018.

10. Lucky Day – French Federation of Cardiology

We started the list of best ads of 2018 with this fantastic spot of the French Federation of Cardiology. In “Lucky Day” we see how the protagonist is having a dog day but in the end we must see the positive part of things.

9. Welcome Home – Apple

After a season doing bland advertisements, Apple surprised everyone with the spot to present their HomePod. “Welcome Home” is directed by Spike Jonze and has a spectacular execution. We strongly recommend your “Making Of” that you will find in the news.

8. Fantasmas – Campofrío

Campofrío’s advertising campaigns have surprised us for two years. Following the line that began with “Deliciosa Calma” have surprised us this year with “Fantasmas”. A spot to scare away the ghosts of society and scare away women’s fear of not fitting into pre-established social models.

7. Dream Crazy – Nike

In September Nike launched one of its most controversial campaigns in history. Under the slogan “Believe in something, Even if it means sacrificing everything.” the American multinational was positioned in favor of NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick.The player went on to fame for leading a wave of protests in the countryside for the racial problems in the United States. For this he knelt while playing the national anthem before the games. This gesture earned him the reprimand of Donald Trump on several occasions. Nike did not hesitate to make this tremendous ad, entitled “Dream Crazy” and commemorating the 30 years of the slogan “Just Do It”.

6. Wanitabesi – Pantene

The Pantene campaign titled “Wanitabesi” is part of the series “Strong is Beatiful” with which Pantene embraces the fight against stereotypes, conventions and sexism. With #Wanitabesi the brand defended the inner strength of women with a spectacular announcement in which we see different sexist situations.

5. Sin educación sexual – Festival Erótico de Barcelona

We entered fully in the top5 of the best ads of 2018.In the fifth place we find the tremendous announcement that was made for the Erotic Festival of Barcelona. “Sin educación sexual” denounces the lack of sexual education in this country; one of the causes of the misfortunes that our society suffers. An ad that follows the tone of the previous spots of the Erotic Festival of Barcelona: “Normal” and “Patria”

4. Tenemos que vernos más – Ruavieja

The Ruavieja’s commercial is undoubtedly the great winner of the Christmas ads. A phenomenon that has become viral and has shaken everyone who has seen it. The Christmas ad of Ruavieja left everyone speechless last year with a proposal as sincere as demolishing. Now follow the premise with a simple question. Are we aware of the time we have left with our loved ones?

3. Ikea – Lamp

And we entered the Top3 of the best ads of 2018. This year they have the honor of being on the podium three masterly announcements. In third position we find the second part of the brilliant Ikea ad: Lamp. The new Ikea ad takes up the story right at the moment when the previous commercial ends to show us how a girl picks up the lamp to take it home and reuse it thanks to a new LED bulb. The story, cut with the same pattern, shows us in a melancholy way how happy that lamp is in the girl’s house. It is amazing how we managed to empathize again thanks to the images, which manage to represent the object-girl relationship.

2. Donde se cocina la vida – Teka

In second place we find the emotional commercial of Teka: “Where life is cooked”. A commercial that has caused controversy among those who believe that Alzheimer’s should not be used as an emotional reason to sell a brand. In this story, the kitchen plays a central axis as one of the most important elements of everyday life. As protagonists, a son who tries to connect with his father, sick with Alzheimer’s. For this he decides to recover all his objects so that he can remember who he is. In a last attempt, he cooks a recipe from his mother to get that link.

1. Air – Nike

And we get to number 1. The best ad of 2018 is Nike’s: “Air.” There are not enough adjectives to qualify this sublime advertising campaign. An ode to the air to represent better than ever what Nike wants us to feel when putting on his shoes. One minute long, “Air” starts slowly, accompanying those protagonists before beginning the test and feeling their breathing. We follow them during the maximum effort and when we see them reach their initial goal. The slogan “Air Moves You” serves to introduce us the new shoes of the American brand AirVaporMax and in passing, give us the best announcement of 2018.

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