Toxic Toby, the teddy bear that warns of high levels of pollution

Toxic Toby is the teddy bear that warns you of high levels of pollution in London.

The great European capitals suffer from the same evil: Pollution. A problem that concerns us all and that it is a priority to eradicate. Movements are being made in some cities such as limiting traffic in certain areas or prohibiting the movement of certain vehicles.

Still, it is not enough to fight an evil that kills more than 9,400 inhabitants each year. Right, is the “silent killer”, responsible for so many deaths in London. To make this problem visible and to raise awareness among the population, they have created “Toxic Toby”, a teddy bear that warns you if pollution levels reach dangerous levels.

The campaign has been developed by McCann together with the brand BreezoMeter, a company that monitors air quality in real time.“Toxic Toby” is an adorable teddy bear placed in strategic locations in the city. Through an internal mechanism connected to the BreezoMeter data, it coughs whenever the levels reach a dangerous level for our health.

One of the first places to place the bear was on Brixton Road, one of the most polluted streets in London. In turn, each time that “Toxic Toby” coughs, it automatically sends a tweet to politicians to claim what solutions this serious problem.

Via | Criatura Creativa

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