Tram Roulette, del Casino de Holanda

Tram Roulette, the funny marketing action of the Holland Casino

Tram Roulette, the funny marketing action of the Holand Casino to ease the wait of the passengers of the tram.

The hangover of the Cannes advertising festival leaves us with a lot of amazing advertising actions carried out by brands and advertising agencies. This is the case of the marketing action carried out by the Holland Casino in Amsterdam, ‘Tram Roulette’; winner of six bronze lions including the best outdoor campaign and guerrilla marketing.

Tram Roulette, del Casino de Holanda

To demonstrate that we all have a player inside, Holland Casino performed this funny marketing action at a tram stop in Amsterdam.

To liven up the wait, they painted the roulette numbers in the waiting queue at full size. Each streetcar had a built-in vinyl ball that stopped at one of the numbers in the row. All the action was enlivened by a speaker at the same stop.The lucky player won an invitation with balance to play in the Casino of Holland.

In addition, the marketing action was issued via Facebook Live, where you could bet the winning number, with option to win prizes and vouchers for the Casino.

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