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An emotive TV Commercial from American Greetings for Mother’s Day

The TV Commercial from American Greetings to celebrate Mother’s Day tells a nice story using one of their greeting cards.

Last May 7 was Mother’s Day and many brands have dedicated a moment to congratulate all the mothers of the world. And we love the TV Commercial from of American Greetings, the company of postcards and loyalty cards.

The TV Commercial from American Greetings tells us an emotive story with one of their greeting cards and makes us reflect how important mothers are in our life and how any insignificant detail can be worth much for us.

TV Commercial from American Greetings

And that is what the TV Commercial from American Greetings is about, how a detail made by the right person can become a mantra, a table of salvation with which to be able to get ahead or simply be inspired by it.

In the ad, we see a girl enter a studio to get a tattoo for the first time in her life. The nerves for being the first time to tattoo and to see the result make us part of the emotion of the moment in a beautiful end loaded with meaning.

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