TV Commercial from El Corte Inglés

An emotional TV Commercial from El Corte Inglés for celebrate Father’s Day: ‘Drill’

El Corte Inglés celebrate Father’s day with an emotive TV Commercial bewteen a son and his father.

The last TV Commercial from El Corte Inglés celebrates father’s day with a tender history between a son and his father that becames viral due to its sentimental and emotional scenes.

‘Drill’ is the title of the TV Commercial from El Corte Inglés directed by Gracia Querejeta they tell us an intimate story full of emotions in a minute.

TV Commercial from El Corte Inglés

Under the slogan “Until the perfect gift can be changed” the TV Commercial from El Corte Inglés celebrate father’s day and remember one of the hallmarks of the department store chain: the return of the products.

With more than 2 million views on Youtube, the campaign can already be seen on conventional television and digital media.

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