Video de Seguridad de Turkish Airlines

The funny Turkish Airlines security video with Lego Movie characters

The Turkish airline innovate again in its security video, starring the Lego Movie characters.

When it comes to catching a flight, many times we take a joke when they explain the safety instructions before taking off. Either by fatigue, by repetition or by having seen it many times represented outside the plane, we pay no attention.

And it really is very important, because if any anomaly occurs, it can become very dangerous when you ignore the rules. That is why the airlines are striving more and more to try to capture our attention to transmit that information. One of the first to innovate was Turkish Airlines and its popular security video with Zach King, best known for being the magician of visual effects in short videos.

Video de Seguridad de Turkish Airlines

Now they has presented his new security video starring the characters of the Lego Movie, in promotion of his new animated film. With the sense of humor so representative of the characters, they presents in 5 minutes all we need to know if something happens to the plane. We see Batman, Robin, Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman or the Joker giving the same instructions as any flight attendant on board the plane.

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