Realidad Virtual de Audi

Discover ‘Sandbox’, an experience with virtual reality from Audi

‘Sandbox’ is a marketing action with virtual reality from Audi that invites us to drive the new Audi Q5 in a sandbox.

Do you remember how fun it was to play in a sandbox when we were kids? With a few toy cars and lots of imagination we were able to spend hours in our mini world of dunes jumping, or performing chases.

Well, it is what the German multinational has thought to carry out its last tv commercial. Invite us to remember those evenings with our toy cars but now … driving them from inside. And we can do this in the action with virtual reality from Audi called ‘Enter Sandbox’. A real-time experience that combines a physical installation with a driving simulator that allows us to test the new Audi Q5 in a very original way.

Realidad Virtual de Audi

Firts, in the sandbox we must make the modifications we want as dunes, tunnels, jumps, … to be later scanned by a depth detection camera and projected into the virtual reality. This camera projects more than 200,000 measurement points to process the final 3D model. Once created, it is only necessary to sit in the Audi Q5 simulator and put on the Oculus Rift glasses.

The simulator of virtual reality from Audi gives us the feeling of driving the latest model of Q5. The whole interior has been recreated to the detail to ‘feel’ a real driving through a sandbox.

Realidad Virtual de Audi

The action was taken by MediaMonks, the Norweigan company. Its creative director, Tom Eriksen says: “It’s really exciting to see how people experience this for the first time.” 

Virtual reality from Audi: Sandbox. Behind the cameras.




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