The emotional Volvo commercial and the seat belt: “A Million More”

Volvo’s emotional commercial shows its proud about seatbelt implementation.

The three-point belt was first implemented on a Volvo PV 444 to minimize damage in accidents. The car also featured a laminated windshield and a body with an anti-impact structure.

Immediately, the press and citizens threw their hands at their heads. A pressure very similar to the one that currently arises on compromised issues but without the existence of the internet.

Now, the Swedish brand is taking heart from the decision it made in its day with “A Million More”, an emotional advertising campaign.

The Volvo commercial has been created by the agency Forsman & Bodenfors. It shows us several road accident survivors reading press excerpts from the past. These clippings include phrases such as “The seat belt is a violation of human rights” or that the belt was a “terrible idea”. Prestigious media such as the New York Times saw this element as a restriction on freedom.

According to ClioMie Johnstone, Head of Brand Management at Volvo Cars: “Safety has always been at the core of Volvo Cars, but it is common for some of our innovations to encounter resistance when they are first launched.” And it is that thanks to the three-point seat belt, a million lives have been saved.

The next idea is to put cameras that detect drivers in a state of drowsiness and intoxication. All with the goal of saving a million more lives.

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