Roger Federer’s racket makes music in Wilson’s ad

“Play Your Heart Out” it’s a musical theme composed thanks to the new racket of Roger Federer and DJ Money Mark in a Wilson’s ad.

Roger Federer, ladies and gentlemen. Seldom will we see so much style, talent and magic in an athlete that evokes past eras. At 36, the Swiss tennis player is still a reference for brands thanks to his 20 Grand Slam won. One of them is Wilson, the popular brand of tennis products has presented Roger Federer’s latest racket with an original staging.

The idea was to create a musical theme thanks to the sounds of the racket propitiated by the Swiss tennis player in collaboration with the producer and DJ Money Mark. An ad where music and sport go hand in hand to delight fans of both styles.

The piece of music is entitled “Play your heart out” and reveals the process of creation, which mixed the sounds of the racket and classic elements of a tennis match as well as certain electric tones derived from the beat. All this in a Mojave desert in California and in collaboration with the producer Farm League.

Wilson’s ad serves to present “Pro Staff RF97”, Roger Federer’s new racquet to play at Wimbledon. As a result, the brand has launched a special edition limited to 1,200 units worth $597. The edition consists of a vinyl, the racket and a bluetooth speaker in the form of a ball.

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