Best of 2018 in Google: Year in a Search 2018

Year in a Search 2018 is Google’s summary of the year with search trends worldwide.

Great technology companies are taking summary of everything that happened this year on their platforms. After the disastrous #YouTubeRewind2018 is the turn of Google that summarizes us in an emotional video search trends worldwide.

It seems that they are the same company. Just as YouTube wants to be original with and old idea, Google surprises us with the formula “less is more”. With a minimalist video review the search trends worldwide.

According to the search engine, this 2018 “More than ever, the world has looked for good things”. As for example “Good news”, “How to be a good citizen” or “Good things to watch”. All followed by a succession of homemade images with a common denominator: happiness.

Singers, children who teach parents, dogs, global references and other events that give off good vibrations in all of them. A clear example of how to make an emotional video summary of 2018.

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